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  • Q: How do you provide value to my business?
    As entrepreneurs, we understand that you need enough working capital to fund the many foundational aspects of your business. Our value is in providing access to capital through loan placement in our credit marketplace getting you the funding you need today to maintain and grow your business for tomorrow and beyond. The approval requirements for our lending programs are significantly lower compared to secured bank loans, so our funding programs are the fastest and easiest way to obtain the money you need. In addition, unlike most traditional banks, we offer post-funding support in the form of strategic and financial consulting—we do this free of charge.
  • Q: What is the application process?
    The application process is straightforward and should take approximately five minutes for the initial application. You can submit an application through our website to guide you through the process. Once we receive your full application and all requested supporting documents, we will go to work to you and with approval, return an offer for funding.
  • Q: What are your minimum requirements to be approved for funding?
    Well, it depends on the loan type. We provide everything from start-up capital, equipement leases to SBA loans so the requirements vary greatly. If you are an established business, the very minimum requirements for a short term cash advance are: Minimum of six months in business. Minimum of $10,000 in monthly revenues. Your business is based in the United States.
  • Q: What can I use the money for?
    It is your money for your business, so you can use it however you see fit. Many of our clients use funding to cover payroll, renovate, manage inventory, expand, purchase equipment, and a variety of miscellaneous business expenses. You are the expert in maintaining and growing your company, and we are the experts in getting you the money you need to do so. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Q: I have bad credit and even a previous bankruptcy. Can you get me funding?
    This is one of our most frequently asked questions and the answer is YES! If you have poor personal credit, or even have filed previously for bankruptcy, we can still provide you with working capital. The qualifications are 1) you have been in business for at least six months and 2) your business generates sales in excess of $8,500 per month. In over 90% of cases, if you meet these two requirements, we can provide you with funding!
  • Q: How long does the approval process take?
    For certain loan types approval can be as little as 24-48 hours after we receive your full application. SBA loans take longer and it can be up to 3-4 weeks for approval.
  • Q: How long will it take to receive my money?
    Usually within 24 hours after a contract is executed and received.
  • Q: How much money am I eligible to receive?
    The amount that you will qualify for varies by loan type. If your need is immediate and you select a cash advance, generally between 75%-125% of your business’ monthly sales revenue.
  • Q: Are you providing me with a loan?
    We provide consultative loan placement giving you the best funding options available and a lender from our capital marketplace provides the funding.
  • Q: Do I have to take the full amount that I am approved for?
    No. You decide how much of the approved amount that you wish to receive.
  • Q: What types of businesses/industries do you work with?
    We work with small and midsize businesses (SMB's) in over 500 different industry groups in a variety of sectors, such as food service, hospitality, health care, automotive, textiles, manufacturing, construction, landscape, technology, and retail. Click here to complete our short application form
  • Q: What information and supporting documents do I need to supply?
    It will depend on the type of loan you are requesting, but in everycase our process is streamlined to save you time.
  • Q: How can I ensure that my application is processed as fast as possible?
    We do everything within our power to make the funding process simple, fast, and hassle-free, but we need your cooperation too! The best way to avoid delays and receive your funding as quickly as possible is to provide all requested documentation to us in a timely manner. Working together, we can get the captial you need.
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