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Business Funding Now to $50 Million!

Conventional financing institutions are slow to respond to the capital needs of businesses post COVID, but we are not.

We are successfully facilitating working capital loans (lines of credit, term loans, and principal deferred loans).

We are successfully facilitating financing for equipment, machinery and software.

We are successfully facilitating financing for commercial real estate; purchase, refi - and in select states, facility rehab, complete rehab to include fixed equipment with the costs allocated to your property taxes over 20-25 years. ( If you own a commercial property needing upgrades this alternative may be available in your state, contact us for more information)

We have a wide variety of loan options which help overcome common obstacles such as time in business and industry type – and we move fast with most funding taking place in less than a week.

Could you benefit by having additional capital to support and grow your business? If so, contact us today for a free loan quote.

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